About EltnMedia

Although EltnMedia LLC is a newer established company, there is nothing new about what is done here. Started in August of 2020, in the midst of what will not be named. One man and a necessity to succeed has pushed this enterprise into a large learning curve. Everything is done in house and no work is outsourced.

EltnMedia LLC Specializes in Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing and Vinyl Prints. although not yet a superpower in the field, it will not be long before that summit is reached.

EltnMedia LLC deals with a small number of clients at a time to maintain a focused and personalized service. No one is thrown in the backburner.  No clients are dropped or forgotten. and everything is done with trusted long lasting tactics.

About Elton V

Elton V, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO, Manager, Sales representative, Marketing Agent, Financial strategist, Employee, Installation Specialist, Web designer, Graphic artist, Photographer, Youtuber, Craftsman. A man of many hats, is using everything he has learned over the years not only to forge his path to success. But to bring success to his clients as well.

Born in Honduras, Elton encountered his first computer a the age of 7. Ever since, nothing felt more natural than to dive right into this world. Migrated to the U.S.A at the age of 12, and the floodgates opened. servicing the computers of friends and neighbors. Elton soon found himself in his first business, The path began to make itself clearer. at the age of 15 he received his first course in Web Design, with an artistic family and his own interest in music and paint. Design became his one truth. then life happened.

After years of becoming compliant to life’s forceful arrangement. the path suddenly became a hobby, a Passion really, disguised as a hobby. accidentally acquiring his first client. It was time to let the rest go and pursue his passion, now turned craft.

The tools

Graphic Design

The Serif creative suite is a top competitor in today’s design industry, standing side by side with the all too popular Adobe Creative Suite there is nothing you cannot replicate from one suite to the other. 

Serif has released their software with one more advantage over Adobe. No lifetime membership, offers a lower costs to the company and therefore lowering cost to the client without the loss of quality.

Web Design


WordPress is a powerful website builder, the options are limitless. it presents web designers and creators a completely clean canvas, giving flexibility of design and the ability to maintain simplicity.

Paired together with Elementor Pro, web design becomes a world of endless possibilities. this pair of applications are some of today’s top and most used web designing tools


Using HP DesignJet Printer Series is designed for GIS is perfect for print service providers, and retailers who require a simple to use solution for high-quality technical and graphics applications with water/fade resistance. Using HP Quality aqueous inks.


Aqueous inks are versatile: they can deliver high-quality prints for a range of applications. This includes porous substrates, such as papers, corrugated boards, and cardboard. We opt for pigmented inks because they are more durable than dyes, offering better light- and water-fastness. They deliver a high color coverage, and they can be used to print great designs without surface relief, thanks to the thin dried layer. and its Eco Friendly