The Who
mission statement 1

A Color Blind Madman..

I guess Ive always leaned into this path even though I didn’t know it was a choice..

Ive been a fan of putting graphite to paper ever since i was a small child, I’d like to think Im pretty good, to an extent.. I guess.. But,.. I’ve never been able to grasp color! to think Im doing this with my life now is beyond me!. I Remember i was around 12 years old when i made my first website on that Windows 98 Compaq Computer! i spent Hours working on that! just for my own viewing.. Still i never thought, Id do this for a living.. and so it continued, making a site for a friend, for family, for a friend of the family, and even for Family business, Still A little color Blind!? but i somehow seem to find what makes a beautiful design. I do it with care, I enjoy it.. what can I say?

The What

Graphic Design

Logo – Intros – Banners – Decals – Marketing Graphics

Web Design

Simple one Page Parallax Websites Created with Wordpress For an easier and Better User Experience. Optimized for Desktop, Tablet And Mobile Use.

Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Handling, Facebook and Instagram and Google Ads and Video Ads for Youtube, The current Most Watched Platform on the Planet.

Business Media

Photo and Video Services – Prints like Logo Decals – Business Branding Decals – Informative Decals – Banners – T Shirts – Hats – and Other Promotional Media